What payment methods I can choose?

1.we can accept PayPal,here is our paypal account :[email protected]

2.You can also choose Transferwise :

The following is Transferwise account information which you can pay according.

First name:Feixiang

Last name:Chen


Country: China

Province: Hubei

Email: [email protected]

Address: No.79 Xima Road,Jiang'an Area, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Unionpay Card Number:6217856400021899647

Address : Wuhan

Post Code:430000



(1) Remind Our recipient currency is CNY.

(2)Usually, it will take 1 day to confirm your payment.



3. You can also choose Western Union:

Please Fulfill The Payment By Click Following Link:


The Payment Will Be Sent To:

First Name: Ke

Last Name: Peng

Country: China

Province: Hubei

City: Wuhan

Number: +86 15171418860

Postal Code: 430000

Address: No.79 Xima Road,Jiang'an Area, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Bank name:Bank of China

Unionpay Card Number: 6217857600055976414

Purpose of transaction: General personal transaction

Important Note:

1: Please choose: Bank account

2: Please send us the payment MTCN #!

3: After payment is done, please send us the screenshot

After You Fulfill Payment, Please Email [email protected] or Message WhatsApp +852 5349 5558 With MTCN (10 Figures Sent By Western Union)